A 5 tier cascading cake stand perfect for wedding cakes, quinceanera cakes, sweet sixteen cakes and anniversary cakes.
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4 Tier Cascading Cake Stand

Price: $52.95
  • Item #: CS400E
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The elegant design and affordable cost of the 4 tier cascading cake stand makes this set one of our most popular and is the stand featured in most of our Wedding Cake Kits. The stand uses our 8 inch base plates which in addition to making the stand more affordable it also gives you the most support. Individual plates also allow you to position the stands in any arrangement you like and as close to each other as possible in order to create a stairway effect.

The design of the Crystal Splendor Cake Stands make them super easy to use, simply decorate your cake on cardboard cake rounds then place on the assembled stand at your event.

Cake Stand Set Includes:

3 - 8 inch Base Plates
1 - 14 inch Low Profile Plate
1 - 12 inch Top Plate
1 - 10 inch Top Plate
1 - 8 inch Top Plate
1 - 5 inch Column
1 - 10 inch Column
1 - 15 inch Column

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