was founded in 2003 by two small business owners with the goal of bringing quality cake decorating supplies that are made here in the USA to bakers and brides, no matter their budget. Starting only with a family-made custom cake stand - we have now grown to a large company supplying expceptional quality reception decorations, cake toppers, wedding cake flowers and cake stands to many high-end bakerines, hotels and cupcakeries. With the growth of our company we have become a large importer and distributor of top quality wedding supplies, but we still offer the greatest selection of US made products of any wedding vendor on the web.

Our Employees

Our staff is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service anywhere - no exceptions. Our representatives have an outstanding reputation of being friendly, helpful and exceedingly knowledgeable of all products in our catalog. We understand that planning an event or meeting a deadline is extremely stressful and want our customers to know that we are always here to help. Many times purchases for special events can come as a last minute detail or change in plans and we want customers to know they can count on us to get their merchandise shipped immediately, no matter how close the deadline.

Our design and manufacturing staff is devoted to creating new products that are both affordable and sophisticated - modern & trendy. All of our employees in the manufacturing and packaging departments are well-trained in their area of expertise. This ensures that you will recieve a well made product and that it will be delivered on time and undamaged.

Wedding Cupcake Success

It's not hard to see that much of our success has come about by the very idea of the cupcake wedding cake. Several years ago at the start of the cupcake craze, one of our design staff had the brilliant idea to take our popular cascading cake stands and turn it into our now famous cupcake tree. Since the design of our first cupcake stand we have supplied numerous resorts, hotels and famous cupcakeries and have had the stands featured on many popular tv shows including Food Networks Cupcake Wars. Due to this success we have added many new cupcake items to our catalog including the new trendy cupcake wrappers, designer baking cups, edible decorations and cupcake toppers. We are also very excited to introduce the new Candy Buffet Stand that takes the more simple cupcake tree to a whole new level. To compliment this new trend we have also added a line of Cascading Candy & Catering Bowls, a reflection of the original cake stand that started our family business.

A Note to Brides

As a family owned business we are always enthusiastic about providing our customers with the best products at the best prices with the goal of having the top customer satisfaction on the web. We know your time is valueable and as moms, dads and brides ourselves know the anxiety of planning a wedding. Our staff is always ready to help with any questions concerning our products or even to help with general design ideas. No event is too small or too big and we hope you will provide us with the opportunity to help with your special day.

A Note to Bakers & Caterers

As long-time small business owners we understand the stress of meeting a deadline or the pressure of last-minute changes, especially to something as important as the wedding cake. Our experienced staff is always available for last minute shipments and eager to answer any questions about our products or even general cake decorating questions. We strive to provide our fellow cake decorators with modern and elegant decorating supplies that do not require a lot of work or money. While we supply many large bakeries and resorts, a large portion of our customers are small businesses - bakeries, rental suppliers and home based businesses. We want all of our customers no matter how large or small to feel they are getting superior products, excellent prices and an always modern selection of wedding reception and cake decoration supplies.